Trailing Edge Dimmer (H350T) Lumos Lighting

Trailing edge dimmer
SKU: H350T
Manufacturer: Lumos Lighting
Rotary dimmer insert 10 - 350 VA
Intended use
-Dimmable LED
-Swithching and dimming incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps and
TRONIC transformers with halogen lamps
-Suitable for mixed operation up to the specified output
-Installation in appliance box according to CLIPSAL Standard panel
Product characteristics
-Dimming method:trailing edge phase control
-Electronic short-circuit protection
-Overload protection
-Over current protection
-Over temperature protection
Technical data
Rated voltage: AC 220-240V~, 50HZ
Connected load: 10VA - 350VA (1 - 15LEDS, 150W max)
Dimming method: Trailing edge phase control
Type of loads:  Dimmable LED
                        220 - 240V AC Incandescent lamps
                        High voltage halogen lamps
                        Dimmable electrical transformer and iron transformer
                        Mixed load of the specified types
Connection:    Screw terminals
Approvals:      RCM SAAN15991