Telbix Lighting

  • Established in 1990, Telbix has become a major supplier of domestic lighting to the Australian market.
  • The lighting range focuses on contemporary and modern lines with a strong emphasis on quality and value for money.
  • We constantly research the latest world trends and adapt these new ideas for the domestic market.
  • The lighting industry has seen many changes over the years and it will see much change in the future.
  • As a result of our focus on design, quality and service Telbix has
  • established itself as a leader in today’s market and these ideals will carry it forward in an enormously competitive environment.
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Adam Table Lamp (Adam TL) Telbix

Adam Table Lamp

Adria Table Lamp (Adria TL) Telbix

Adria table lamp

Ahern 15 Light Pendent (Ahern PE15-BS/OP) Telbix

Ahern 15 Light Pendent

Akron Large Table Lamp (AKRON_TLL) Telbix

Akron Large Table Lamp

Akron Small Table Lamp (AKRON TLS) Telbix

Akron Small Table Lamp

Alison Batten Fixed Light (Alison BF30-CH) Telbix

Alison Batten Fixed Light

Allure Table Lamp (Allure TL) Telbix

Allure Table Lamp

Alvarez Large 7 Light Pendant (Alvarez PE61-BK) Telbix

Alvarez Large 7 Light Pendant

Alvarez Small 4 Light Pendant (Alvarez PE31-BK) Telbix

Alvarez Small 4 Light Pendant

Alvey 1 Light Spotlight (ALVEY SP1) Telbix

Alvey 1 Light Spotlight

Alvey 2 Light Spotlight (ALVEY SP2B) Telbix

Alvey 2 Light Spotlight

Alvey 3 Light Spotlight (ALVEY SP3B) Telbix

Alvey 3 Light Spotlight

Alvey 4 Light Spotlight (ALVEY SP4B) Telbix

Alvey 4 Light Spotlight

Amani Table Lamp Telbix

Amani Table Lamp

Ambia Table Lamp (Ambia TL) Telbix

Ambia Table Lamp