Robert Kitto Lighting

  • In these days of mass production and electronic solutions, it is good to know that fine design and craftsmanship are alive and well at Robert Kitto
  • Specialising in brass light fittings, crafted lamps & etched glass lamp shades, Robert Kitto’s hand finished fine design brass lighting is crafted to offer something uniquely different in the market
  • The distinctive qualities of traditional brass light fittings and lighting are exemplified in every light fitting made by Robert Kitto


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Cote D’azur Hanging Float lamp (FL-PD137) Robert Kitto

Cote D’azur Hanging Float lamp

Float Lamp Small FL-180 Robert Kitto

Float Lamp Small FL-180

HL873 Round Lantern Robert Kitto

HL873 Round Lantern

HLLC-AB Alfred Square Lantern Robert Kitto

HLLC-AB Alfred Square Lantern

L114 Lantern Robert Kitto

L114 Lantern

L115 Lantern Robert Kitto

L115 Lantern

Modern Stylish Hanging 3 Lights Lantern (HL-PD9015-3) Robert Kitto

Modern Stylish Hanging 3 Lights Lantern

PD3304P-CH Lantern Robert Kitto

PD3304P-CH Lantern

Wall Lantern (L108) Robert Kitto

Wall Lantern (L108)

3 Light 220MM Float Lamp (FL220) Robert Kitto

220mm 3 light plain glass float lamp

3 Light 260MM Float Lamp (FL260) Robert Kitto

260mm 3 light float lamp

1 Light Lantern (L119) Robert Kitto

1 light lantern

2 Light Wall Lantern (L102) Robert Kitto

2 light wall lantern

3 Light Lantern (L118) Robert Kitto

3 light lantern

4 Light Basket Chandelier (O-400) Robert Kitto

4 light basket chandelier

5 Sided Italian Cast Lantern (HLS82) Robert Kitto

5 sided Italian cast lantern

6 Light Basket Chandelier (O-600) Robert Kitto

6 light basket chandelier

Aintree 4 Light Round Lantern (L120) Robert Kitto

Aintree 4 light round lantern